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Bearcats Box Lunch: Nippert Stadium, Jose Canseco, Troy Caupain, and Yacht Rock

Upgrades abound in UC’s home stadium and on the torso of baseball’s first 40/40 man. Plus, a Bearcats legend finds an NBA home.

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BYU v Cincinnati Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images

In Bearcats News:

I will desist with burying the lead. Troy Caupain has signed a summer league contract with the Toronto Raptors. The addition of a Bearcats legend to the Raptors’ roster will certainly give them some depth in what looks to be an increasingly competitive Eastern Conference. (Tom Groeschen: Cincinnati Enquirer)

The University of Cincinnati’s Athletics Department has put Nippert Stadium’s gorgeous new premium event space on display on Twitter. Located in the West Pavillion, the new upscale vantage point will be known as Wyler Terrace. (@GoBearcats on Twitter)

Elsewhere in the World:

Jose Canseco appears to have upgraded his torso tattoo collection. (@JoseCanseco on Twitter)

The Society for American Baseball Research will be holding their 47th annual meeting this week in New York City. (@sabr on Twitter)

To celebrate their 30th Yacht or Nyacht episode, Beyond Yacht Rock posted a marathon podcast late last week which analyzes the yacht-worthiness of dozens of songs in rapid succession. (Feral Audio: Beyond Yacht Rock)

Finally, Ezekiel Elliott has spoken out on crop tops. (