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Bearcats Box Lunch: Gavin MacLeod, Frosted Tips, and Summer in the Hamptons

Stephen Schwartz's Magic To Do Premiere Photo by Chris Weeks/Getty Images for Princess Cruises

Gavin MacLeod named UC’s newest assistant women’s soccer coach. May or may not be the actual Captain Stubing from the Love Boat. Mr. Macleod may or may not have heard that joke before. (

Thankfully, John Mayer is bringing back frosted tips. (GQ)

The Hamptons vs. Newport: Where you should vacation this summer? Tinsley Mortimer compares two of her favorite East Coast summer destinations. (Town and Country)

MoMa’s new Robert Rauschenberg exhibition runs through September 17th. (Museum of Modern Art, New York)

Michael’s Honest Beer Reviews critiques Coors Light, a light lager beer 4.2% ABV brewed in Golden, Colorado. (YouTube)

Five tips for getting the most from your car air conditioning. (Consumer Reports)