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Bearcats Box Lunch: Johnny Cash, DealDash, and Golf Clash

Why, you’d think he was talking straight to you and me

Johnny Cash Memorabilia To Be Auctioned Photo by Stephen Chernin/getty Images

A collection of 41 recently published Johnny Cash poems have been set to music and recorded by such luminaries as Chris Cornell, Jewel, and T-Bone Burnett for a forthcoming album called Johnny Cash Forever Words: The Music. (Rolling Stone)

Internet auction site DealDash is facing a class action lawsuit, alleging that they are running an “illegal gambling site.” (NBC News)

Kenyon Martin to meet “The Big O” in the little summer tournament we’ve been running. (Down the Drive)

Count Hayden Moore as an enthusiast of Golf Clash, available now at the Android App Store. (Hayden Moore’s Twitter Timeline)

The Korean Baseball Organization (KBO), South Korea’s major professional baseball league, is the undisputed world champion in All-Star Game festivities. (SB Nation)