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Returning Player Refresher: Landon Brazile

Is this the time for Brazile to break out?

Houston v Cincinnati Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

A little less than a year ago, I said that Landon Brazile was going to be a breakout player for the 2016 Cincinnati Bearcats. I also though the Bearcats were going to win a bowl game at that point. I was so young. So naive. But it’s not Brazile’s fault that the team went down in Tommy Tuberville flames. A number of roadblocks got in his way and stole what could have been a special season away from him.

He was not given as much playing time as I anticipated, even though he played fairly well in the season opener against Tennessee-Martin. The former three-star prospect has never really had a chance to play all that much. He redshirted in 2014 then played only six games in 2015. In 2016 he did get into eight contests, but was used sparingly. Then, to make matters worse, he tore his ACL and missed the last four games of the season. Although, I think we all kind of wish we missed those games since they were all losses.

As you can imagine, limited playing time led to extremely limited production for Brazile. He had only four solo tackles and 16 total, assisting on 12. One of those tackles he assisted on was one for a loss. He also got his hand on a pass at the line to record a pass defended.

With his height (6’5”), Brazile should be a devastating force on the edge, with the athleticism to get past offensive lineman and the natural physique that would make throwing shorter passes to his side of the field a dangerous proposition. It is imperative that he make good on that type of potential this season, as he will be competing for playing time in a crowded sea of defensive ends. Hopefully, this will be the year he actually gets the playing time he needs to break out. Otherwise, it might be another disappointing campaign.