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Bearcats Box Lunch: Hayden Moore and Ross Trail Duking it Out for Starting Job

Plus the 1992 Final Four team’s second 25th reunion, Korey Cunningham’s senior year and fun with the alphabet.

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NCAA Football: Cincinnati at Connecticut David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

The internet is a big, wide open, scary place. Why should you have to dive into its depths and find stories that pertain to the Cincinnati Bearcats when we can do it for you? Here’s what the world wide web has to offer today.

In Bearcat news:

This isn’t exactly breaking news, but Hayden Moore and Ross Trail are going head-to-head for the starting quarterback job. (Tom Groeschen; Cincinnati Enquirer)

The 1992 Final Four team is getting together once again to support some good causes. (Tom Groeschen; Cincinnati Enquirer)

Chris Holtmann is the new Ohio State basketball coach and he’s certainly not against playing the Bearcats, or any other team in the Buckeye State for that matter. (David Jablonski; Dayton Daily News)

Korey Cunningham is set to be the leader of the offensive line for the Bearcats. (Dan Hoard;

In other news:

C is for college basketball season offseason. (Myron Medcalf; ESPN)

Who won the MLB trade deadline? Who lost? We don’t really know but we can at least make a guess. (Grant Brisbee; SB Nation)