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Bearcats Box Lunch: Gary Clark, Nikira Goings, Barry Larkin

Today we look at two of the best basketball Bearcats and what a former Reds shortstop does in the offseason.

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Never Forget Tribute Classic - Florida vs. Cinncinati Photo by Porter Binks/Getty Images

The internet is a big, wide open, scary place. Why should you have to dive into its depths and find stories that pertain to the Cincinnati Bearcats when we can do it for you? Here’s what the world wide web has to offer today.

In Bearcat news

More and more people are becoming believers in the man, the myth, the legend/problem know as Gary Clark. (Ken Davis; The Athletic)

Mick Cronin doesn’t want to play anywhere but the Final Four. (Jeremy Rauch; FOX 19)

The women’s basketball team needs Nikira Goings to be great when she gets back from injury. (Jason Szelest; The News Record)

In other news

Barry Larkin is the best shortstop in Cincinnati Reds history. End of discussion. Others are going to him for offseason guidance. (Zach Buchanan; Cincinnati Enquirer)

Here are the 10 best games of the 2017-18 college football season. (Bill Connelly; SB Nation)

Offense vs. defense. The story of the AFC Championship Game. (Robert Mays; The Ringer)