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Clayton Picks All the Week 11 College Football Games Correctly: The Nutria for Supper Edition

Well at least all the American Athletic Conference ones.

NCAA Football: Cincinnati at South Florida Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

It’s a mighty long way down rock and roll from the Liverpool docks to the Hollywood Bowl.

Last Week: 8-5

Season to Date: 87-46

Our Game

USF (7-2) at Cincinnati (8-1)

The South Florida Bulls are not the team that got blown out last week against Tulane. Expect them to show up firing all cylinders at Nippert Stadium on Saturday. They will put up some points but they won’t be able to shut down Cincinnati’s multi-faceted running attack.

Final Score: Cincinnati 31 USF 28

The Rest of the Conference

Navy (2-7) at UCF (8-0)

Yes, UCF will obliterate Navy this week. But this season is just a blip on the radar for Navy (rim shot). Annapolis will be back to ramming speed next season (rim shot) as the Midshipmen will return to bowl eligibility in 2019.

Final Score: UCF 45 Navy 14

SMU (4-5) at UConn (1-8)

After an ugly start to the season, quarterback Ben Hicks and the Mustangs offense have found the groove that got them to a bowl game in 2017. Expect more of the offensive firepower that SMU displayed last week against Houston in their tilt with a vastly overmatched UConn club. The victory will put SMU one victory short of bowl eligibility with two games remaining.

Final Score: SMU 51 UConn 14

Tulsa (2-7) at Memphis (5-4):

Best song about Tulsa:

Best song about Memphis:

Final Score: Memphis 50 Tulsa 24

East Carolina (2-6) at Tulane (4-5)

Louisiana has a much larger population of nutria that North Carolina. Nutria are the honey badger of the New World, according to the guy I used to work with at Subway who talked about nothing but nutria.

Final Score: Tulane 38 East Carolina 24

Temple (5-4) at Houston (7-2)

I resided at the Gallery Furniture on the north side of Houston for a week one Sunday afternoon. I loaded up on free chocolate and made a mess of a boxspring but all by accident. Mattress Mack invited me to move in at Galley Furniture but I refused. I headed instead for Louisiana to feast on some nutria.

Final Score: Houston 35 Temple 24

The Rest of the Country

Auburn (6-3) at Georgia (8-1)

Auburn, Alabama is located 108 miles west of Atlanta. Athens, Georgia is located 72 miles west of Atlanta. You can often get to Atlanta from Auburn faster because the traffic isn’t as bad west of the city.

Final Score: Auburn 108 Georgia 72

This is a work of parody and not intended to be taken seriously.

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