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New Danny Gallagher Book on 1981 Montreal Expos

Blue Monday: The Expos, The Dodgers and the Home Run That Changed Everything.

Philadelphia Phillies v Montreal Expos Photo by Bruce Bennett Studios/Getty Images

Great news from a longtime friend of Down the Drive.

Montreal Expos historian Danny Gallagher, who was featured in season one of “Conversations with Clayton,” is coming out later this year with another book on the Montreal Expos. This book will be focused on the 1981 Expos, who made the franchise’s only post-season appearance. The Expos defeated the Philadelphia Phillies in the National League Divisional Series before losing in heartbreaking fashion in the National League Championship Series to the eventual world champion Los Angeles Dodgers. Gallagher’s new book is called Blue Monday: The Expos, The Dodgers and the Home Run That Changed Everything. It will be released in October by Toronto publisher Dundurn Press.

The new book will be 256 pages long with 20 photos and a number of Excel charts and illustrations. Gallagher did 65 interviews, including several long chats with Rick Monday, who hit the famous home run off of Expos pitcher Steve Rogers. The book is now available for pre-ordering. Customers can go to and order for a discounted price of $21.35, compared to the regular price of $23.99. An e-book version is also available. The book is also available on Amazon.

Down the Drive will feature a full interview with Gallagher closer to the book’s publication.

In the meantime, follow him on Twitter. He is one of the best baseball writers around: @dannogallagher7