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The Favorite Cincinnati Bearcat Football Player Since 1997 Tournament: Rick Minter Region Round Three

Let’s dive into the results of the second round and take a look at the next one. Voting is now open for the third round and will be until May 17 at 6 a.m.

Chad Plummer

There are 114 days until the Cincinnati Bearcats will begin their football season against the UCLA Bruins in the City of Angels. That means we still have a whole lot of waiting to do before Luke Fickell will lead his squad out onto a field when it really counts. In the meantime, there are plenty of things to enjoy, including baseball season, warm weather and the Favorite Cincinnati Bearcat Football Player Since 1997 Tournament. The Rick Minter region is next up this week, following the revelations about how the second round shook out in the Brian Kelly and Mark Dantonio regions. The second round in the Rick Minter region went as follows.


Chad Plummer’s contingency came out in full force this week, as there were nearly twice as many votes cast in his matchup as any of the other three. The quarterback turned wide receiver took in 70.3 percent of the vote against Jaylyin Minor, who could not pull back-to-back upsets against Bearcats from the late 90s.

While Plummer’s turnout was eye-catching, the most competitive bout of the second round in this region was between offensive lineman Deyshawn Bond and linebacker Ricardo Mathews. Bond was the team’s best lineman in 2016 and its heartening to see him get the appreciation he deserves.

The rest of the region was pretty by the book. Trent Cole ended the Cinderella story of Nick Davila. Its fitting that a defensive lineman with the second-most tackles for loss in school history was who defeated a quarterback like Davila.

Meanwhile, Isaiah Pead had no problem with Jonathan Ruffin, showing once and for all that UC fans like punting more than kicking since Kevin Huber advanced yesterday. Or maybe it just means one of the best running backs in Bearcat history has more sway than the program’s best kicker.

Round Three Matchups

Trent Cole vs. Deyshawn Bond

A battle in the trenches awaits in the first matchup. Cole has made a name for himself beyond UC, starring in the NFL for a decade after being drafted in the fifth round of the NFL Drraft. Bond followed Cole to the professional ranks, but something has to give here.

Isaiah Pead vs. Chad Plummer

Plummer’s contingency may not be able to dominate again. Pead has roughed up each of his opponents so far, beating out Zach Edwards with 96 percent of the vote and Ruffin with 85 percent. Even if he doesn’t win, let’s not forget how incredible Plummer was, as he led the team in passing in 1997 and then in receiving in 1998. But that might fall short against the third-most productive running back in school history.

But what do I know? The choice is yours.