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The Favorite Cincinnati Bearcat Football Player Since 1997 Tournament: Rick Minter Round Two

Let’s dive into the results of the first round and take a look at the next one. Voting is now open for the second round and will be until May 10 at 6 a.m.

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NCAA Football: Connecticut at Cincinnati Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Last Thursday, we asked you to vote on the first round of the Rick Minter region of the Favorite Cincinnati Bearcat Football Player Since 1997 Tournament. Now we are going to go through the results and get going on the second round. I apologize for the lack of flowery introduction, but today is about business and that business is voting on our favorite Cincinnati Bearcat football players. Here’s the updated bracket.


People really like Isaiah Pead and they 100 percent should. Not only did he accumulate 4,104 all-purpose yards as a Bearcat (fourth in program history by the way), he has shown a level of determination that is rare to see. Zach Edwards is awesome as well, but Pead beat him with 96 percent of the vote, the biggest win of the first round so far.

In other lopsided outcomes, Trent Cole sacked Greg Blair. Get it? GET IT?! Deyshawn Bond also won pretty comfortably, which was nice to see because offensive lineman don’t usually get the love they deserve.

But this region was all about the close contests, with three matchups being decided by less than 10 percent. Nick Davila continued to ride the lightning of his wonderful performance against Rutgers in 2006 past Tyrell Gilbert with a 52 percent edge. Just like Kevin Huber did yesterday, kicker Jonathan Ruffin advanced despite playing a position that isn’t always glorified. However, he only had 53 percent of the vote against Nick Temple. Multi-talented quarterback Chad Plummer also gave ‘90s Bearcats a thrill by just getting past Ryan Leahy.

Lastly, despite being specifically requested by the Twitterverse, Tinker Keck did not make it past the first round, as linebacker Jaylyin Minor, who led the American Athletic Conference in tackles this past season, won that matchup.

Round Two Matchups

Nick Davila vs. Trent Cole

Nick Davila was a shooting star. He only threw for 1,401 yards in his career, but we’ll always remember what he did against Rutgers. Trent Cole had more staying power, both with the Bearcats and in the NFL. He is second all-time in tackles for loss at UC and was a two-time All-Conference USA first-teamer.

Deyshawn Bond vs. Ricardo Mathews

Bond protected UC quarterbacks while Mathews did his best to get to opposing ones. Both players were second-team all-conference players at one point as well.

Isaiah Pead vs. Jonathan Ruffin

Will Ruffin’s Lou Groza Award outweigh Pead’s stunning accomplishments as a UC running back and his status as a Bearcat hero? We’ll see.

Chad Plummer vs. Jaylyin Minor

Plummer went from starting quarterback to star wide receiver. That’s not easy to do. Minor only tackled people, but he did that incredibly well.

OK. Matchups are locked in. Let’s go vote.