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Favorite Cincinnati Bearcat Football Player Since 1997 Tournament: The Championship Round

The final matchup is set. Polls are open until June 15 at 7 a.m.

Photos by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

And then there were two.

We’ve come quite a ways since starting the Favorite Cincinnati Bearcat Football Player Since 1997 Tournament. In the time its taken to get to the finals, Thanos wiped out half the universe, Meghan Markle married some British bro and the Washington Capitals won a Stanley Cup.

In just a week’s time, we we will reach the finish line and proclaim the winner of this endeavor. Before we can do that, we’ll have to reveal the finalists. They are as follows:

  • With 94.3 percent of the vote in the first semifinal, Mardy Gilyard kicked in the door on his way to the title game, as he defeated Antwan Peek.
  • In the other semifinal, Zach Collaros was able to escape against Kevin Huber, winning with 68.5 percent of the vote.

Now let’s have one last meeting with our finalists.

Tale of the Tape

Category Mardy Gilyard Zach Collaros
Category Mardy Gilyard Zach Collaros
Years Played 2005-2009 2008-2011
Team Record 33-18 37-15
Bowl Record 2-1 1-2
Yards Produced 5971 (3,003 receiving, 2,657 kickoff returns, 259 punt returns, 26 rushing) 7,087 (6,278 passing, 809 rushing)
Total Touchdowns 31 (25 receiving, 4 kickoff, 1 punt return, 1 rushing) 67 (51 passing, 16 rushing)
Awards/Honors 2009 Caude Rost Award (Team MVP), 2009 and 2008 First-Team All-Big East Conference, 5-Time Big East Player of the Week, 2009 First-Team All-American (AFCA, 2011 Jim Kelly Award, 2011 All-Big East Second-Team, 2010 All-Big East First-Team, 2010 Brig Owens Award (Outstanding Back at UC), 2009 Next Man In Award, 2-Time Big East Player of the Week
Program Records Held 14 4
Best Game at Pittsburgh 2009 vs. UConn 2009
Best Season 2009 2010

You have all the tools at your disposal now. There is nothing else I can teach you. Now you must make a choice. Is your favorite player Mardy Gilyard or Zach Collaros? We’ll find out what you all think next Friday.