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Anger Rankings - Facebook and Turfgate

What are Cincinnati Bearcats fans angry about this week?

FRANCE-US-INTERNET-APP Photo credit should read DENIS CHARLET/AFP/Getty Images

Welcome to this week’s edition of the “Anger Rankings”, our weekly column that will highlight what Cincinnati Bearcats fans are angry about each week.

3. NBC Sports college basketball preview

2018-19 AAC Player of the Year JARRON Cumberland plays for CINCINNATI...

2. Facebook Watch

Why in the world did Cincinnati play a game on Facebook. It is insane. I, personally, use Facebook to post and view pictures. I did not ever imagine using Facebook to view a football game. And it was an awful viewing experience.

Especially in the second quarter when this happened...

1. Turfgate

At this point, everyone knows the story of what happened between late Monday and Tuesday morning. The official UC Bearcats football account tweeted a teaser for a “big announcement” and followed it up with a picture of a black turf for Friday’s game. My question is why? Who thought this was a funny joke? Major outlets like ESPN, FOX, Fanduel, Barstool and others tweeted out the pictures. In my opinion, it makes the school look bad that these reputable accounts tweeted out a lie.

It’s weird that the official account tweeted this and never followed up on it, leaving fans and media to speculate. It’s weird that fans got so riled up and excited, only to be lied to. If this was meant to hype up fans, it doesn’t seem to have worked as most Cincinnati fans aren’t extra hyped for Friday’s game. And I’m not sure fans need to be extra hyped, everyone knows what’s at stake.

Cincinnati has done a great job with recent major announcements and fans were genuinely excited about possibilities that ranged from a major non-conference football game to new uniforms to a potential field design (endzones, specifically). Obviously, this is deflating to fans and comes as a major disappointment.

Twitter is fun. Social media is fun. And I’m all for jokes! But jokes are meant to be funny and I continue to fail to see the humor in making people like ESPN and FOX look bad and letting down the fan base with no real announcement.

Let us know in the comments section if there is anything else you are angry about or if you aren’t angry about any of the above?