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Future of Miami Series Part 2

Some old school Bearcats players weigh in on what the rivalry means and why it should continue.

NCAA Football: Miami (Ohio) at Cincinnati Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Our article on Monday about the future of the Cincinnati/Miami football series received a lot of feedback on Monday. Beyond our thoughts, many people have been sharing their own.

The options among fans seem to be win two more, take all-time lead and cancel series, stop playing in Oxford, and stop playing the game annually giving Cincinnati more scheduling flexibility. Our suggestion yesterday included a little bit of all of this.

I received emails from several former football players on Monday, expressing their thoughts that the series must continued.

Jack Rekstis, who played RB at UC from 1963-1967, was the first to reach out.

While he and others do not want the series to end, he doesn’t mind seeing some alterations to it’s current format.

Richard Morgan, who played from 1961-1964, echoed those sentiments about playing every year.

John Parker, another member of the 60s Bearcats adds,

The problem with discontinuing the series outright as many have suggested, is that it would leave Cincinnati with no real rival in the conference. As Jack Rekstis puts it, “Miami is key to the tradition that is Bearcats football.”

As fun as the last 14 years have been, I, personally, am all about respecting tradition and history. There has to be a revised format to continue this series. It cannot continue to be at Nippert, Paul Brown Stadium, and in Oxford once every three years. It should never be in Paul Brown and should rarely be in Oxford and when Cincinnati plays Miami, there should not be an FCS team on the schedule too. Those all seem like fair compromises.

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