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Virtual Sellout a Bit Gimmicky for My Taste

Just ask for a Donation or Do a 50-50 Raffle

Temple v Cincinnati Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images

The Bearcats are doing a virtual sellout promotional campaign for their November 13th home football game against East Carolina. Fans can win fabulous prizes and the money will be support Bearcats athletics, which is great.

But this is a bit gimmicky for my taste. An effort to serve several different ends through a splashy promotional campaign.

It is trying in some small way to satiate fans who want to be a part of the gameday experience in 2020. It is trying to raise much needed funds for UC athletics. It is also a chance for the Athletic Department to gage the level of support this fantastic Bearcats team is enjoying community wide.

I’d prefer it if they just ask for a donation or hold a 50-50 raffle. Just be straight with your fanbase and don’t try to treat this as a proxy for sitting in the stands at Nippert Stadium.

Either way, looking forward to an exciting weekend of Cincinnati football and thank you for supporting Down the Drive.