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Cincinnati Opponent Preview: Temple

Previewing the Owls with the help of Frank Sinatra

Portrait of Frank Sinatra Smiling

Francis, take it away!

In 2019

It was a very good year

It was a very good year for Temple Owls

Anthony Russo shown brightly in the lights

They went 8-5 on Saturday nights

In the AAC

In 2019

But now it’s 2020

It’s not a very good year

For Temple Owls

Who can’t run the ball

or stop their opponents on land or air

And they’ve come undone

and look to 2021

They’ll lose by 35

to the Bearcats in their very good year

But now the days are short

It is the autumn of the year

And Cincinnati is a vintage wine

And Temple is the dregs

and their fans will shed some tears

in this, our very good year