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AP Voters Pour Sugar in Cincinnati’s Gas Tank, Drop Bearcats to #7

Daily Camera Archives Photo by Mark Leffingwell/Digital First Media/Boulder Daily Camera via Getty Images

To quote Uncle Owen from the original Star Wars movie, “What are you trying to push on us?”

What are you trying to push on us, Associated Press voters?

Cincinnati won by a blowout for the third consecutive week.

The AP Top 25 poll rewarded Cincinnati for this by dropping them to number 7 in their most recent poll behind perennial also-rans Texas A&M and Florida.

Cincinnati is also behind Clemson, who failed to seal the deal last night against Notre Dame.

Three losers stand between the Bearcats and a slot in the College Football Playoffs.

Don’t worry. Things will break our way.

Bearcat Nation has one thing to say to the rest of college football—-You’re on notice, John!

Let Paul Anka do the tough talking for me: