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BYU vs. Coastal Carolina: The Mickey Mouse Bowl

Tokyo Disneyland à Urayasu, banlieue de Tokyo Photo by YOSHIKAZU TSUNO/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images

Sit tight, Bearcats.

Cincinnati is going to wait it out. And the Bearcats are going to look strong doing so.

Cincinnati is going to wait its turn and let the chips fall as they may. They have a pair of opportunities against Tulsa to solidify their national reputation.

If Cincinnati is the undefeated champion of the “P6” American Athletic Conference, this will give them their best shot to earn a spot in the college football playoff.

Running around the country all willy-nilly looking for a mildly prestigious opponent to bolster your resume. This is not the road to respectability. It looks a bit Mickey Mouse. Not ready for primetime.

And that’s exactly what Coastal Carolina and BYU are doing by playing a cobbed-together, last minute consolation game. It is beneath both programs and will do nothing to impress the voters.

It has the feel of a mean older brother offering his two little brothers a dollar to beat the bejeezus out of each other in the backyard when Mom goes to the store.

Only in this case, the two little brothers are fighting of their own accord to try to impress the older brother.

Cincinnati will stay above of the fray and act like a team that belongs among college football’s elite.