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Why the Reds Should Sign Josh Harrison

It has benefits both on and off the field

Pittsburgh Pirates v Chicago Cubs

It has been a busy couple of days for a Cincinnati Bearcats legend.

On Tuesday evening, the Philadelphia Phillies granted Josh Harrison his release.

Ever since then, he’s been the big man on campus.

Word on the street is that the Cincinnati Reds are one of several teams interested in Harrison’s services. Reports here on SB Nation indicate that the Reds, Atlanta Braves, New York Yankees, and Texas Rangers have all been in touch with the two-time All Star.

The Cincinnati Reds would be wise to add Harrison to their roster. He provides experience and depth in the Reds rebuilding infield. Despite Harrison’s recent struggles at the plate, he provides an attractive option for designated hitter in the year of the universal DH.

Harrison as a DH would be well suited for the number 6 slot in Cincinnati’s order, a crafty, veteran line-drive hitter who can drive in plenty of runs.

In addition to his potential on field contributions, Harrison will make an excellent off-field contribution for the Reds organization. His status as a hometown hero and Bearcats legend make him an attraction for the Reds. By cementing a tangible relationship with Harrison, the Reds will create for themselves a highly-esteemed community ambassador for decades, long after he plays his last big league game.

Moreover, 60 percent of Down the Drive readers voted earlier this week in support of the Reds signing Harrison on our Twitter poll.

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