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Luke Fickell Upbeat About Bearcats Despite Crazy 48 Hours in College Football

Connecticut v Cincinnati Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

It has been a strange 48 hours for college football fans. Like you, I’m trying to follow the blow-by-blow of what’s going down with the 2020 season.

It appears that Coach Fickell is keeping the Bearcats on the straight-and-narrow though, focused on a 2020 football season that has great promise for our 22nd ranked Cincinnati club.

Check out Luke Fickell’s extended comments on the upcoming season from yesterday’s press conference below.

Fast forward to about 5:45 in the video for the coach’s thoughts on remaining focused on playing in the current moment.

Fickell concedes how tough it is to remain focused, even for a guy like himself “who lives under a rock.” The coach shows great humility in admitting what a difficult situation this has been for himself, his coaching staff, and his player. Nevertheless, he says that the team has been focused once they get in between the lines of the football field.