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Hey AAC, We’re Trying to Make the CFB Playoff. Let’s Show a Little Something This Weekend.

Cincinnati v Memphis Photo by Joe Murphy/Getty Images

Good Afternoon,

A quick note to our fellow AAC football programs.

We, the Cincinnati Bearcats, are now America’s Sweethearts. Everybody (or at least Desmond Howard) is picking us for the college football playoff.

If you want an AAC school to finally get a bid in the playoffs, let’s show a little something this weekend.

SMU and Memphis didn’t exactly look top notch last weekend.

Navy looked pretty rough on Monday night.

As we look ahead to the weekend:

Here’s hoping that USF takes it to Citadel.

I know for a fact that our pals at Tulane are going to lay the smackdown on South Alabama.

Thanks for your support for Down the Drive. Looking forward to a championship season of Bearcats football in 2020.