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Don’t Let Tulsa’s Record Deceive You, This is a Good Football Team

On the Set of The Outsiders Photo by Nancy Moran/Sygma via Getty Images

If you’ve seen the Francis Ford Coppola movie The Outsiders or read the novel by S.E. Hinton in seventh grade, you’ll know that Tulsa is a tough town.

We all know how tough Tulsa can be from the AAC title game last year. Although they have had some turnover in personnel, their 3-5 mark is not reflective of the quality of this team, which has genuine weapons across the board on offense and defense.

Think of Tulsa’s football team as being like the extended Curtis family in the Outsiders—unheralded but full of talented pieces.

A brief preview of the Tulsa Golden Hurricane courtesy of my recollections of the film version of the Outsiders:

Quarterback Davis Brin is “Dally,” played in the film by Matt Dillon. Like Dillon, Brin is handsome as hell and also a veteran gunslinger who displays grit and panache in the pocket.

Halfback Shamari Brooks is a veteran ballcarrier and team leader, capable of mixing it up with anyone in the AAC. He is the older brother, Patrick Swayze as Darrel Curtis type. He is also averaging more than 80 yards rushing per game and can catch the football.

Juniors Anthony Goodlow and Justin Wright are the Ponyboy and Johnny Cade of the crew, excellent young pass rushers who are developing with experience into standouts in their own right, capable of picking up the mantle once the elders on this team have graduated.

The Cincinnati Bearcats must show up prepared for this game or it will go like the rumble near the end of The Outsiders movie: