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Both Teams Are Going to Look Good: Alabama unveils Cotton Bowl Uniforms

Bryant v Cincinnati Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

We sit less than two weeks away from the Cotton Bowl Classic.

As we ramp up our coverage of the game, let’s take a look at the sartorial side of the upcoming College Football Playoff.

As of this moment, Cincinnati is a 13.5 point underdog to Alabama over at

When it comes to uniforms, both schools should be the favorites because they both always look so dapper.

And that’s not going to change at AT&T Stadium.

First, here the Alabama Crimson Tide:

When I close my eyes and envision a football team, they look like the Alabama Crimson Tide. In particular, that’s what a football helmet looks like. It looks like no nonsense and no quarter for your opponent.

Cincinnati has yet to unveil their uniforms but, as you know, the Cincinnati Bearcats always look sharp in black and red.

In any iteration, the Bearcats’ uniforms look simultaneously approachable and striking. The current juxtaposition of red and black looks as smooth as a Bass Ale bottle.