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The Time I Took the Bus to SMU

Greyhound Bus Station Photo by Jeffrey MacMillan/For Washington Post

My favorite mode of mass transit is the bus. The Greyhound Bus, the Peter Pan Bus, Megabus, Trailways, Jefferson Lines. I like them all. When you ride around the country on the bus, you get to meet a lot of interesting people. For no extra charge, you get to see the landscape of this great country of ours. You get to pull into a new city and get a feel for it. Every two hours.

On many of these buses, you can adjust your seat. Many of them have bathrooms right inside the bus. You also get to stop in a lot of different towns to try their bathrooms out too. If you are ever riding through Milwaukee, they have very good bathrooms in their terminal.

Also, if you ride the bus through Milwaukee, you get to see the lovely Marquette University, the Brewers ballpark, and Lake Michigan. I highly recommend it.

If you are an AAC football fan like me, one of the best ways to get to your away games is to take the bus. Particularly if you have a road trip to Southern Methodist University this year. If you haven’t looked at your schedule yet, that means you East Carolina fans. You too Tulsa, Temple, and Tulane.

I’ve been looking around the internet at all the bus sites. And it looks like you are in luck. The fine folks at Greyhound have all kinds of deals for you AAC rival football fans headed to Dallas this year.

Did you know that Dallas is where the Greyhound Bus Company has its headquarters? Right downtown at Patriot Tower, which you can see in the opening credits to Dallas.

I assure you that the best Greyhound Bus service in the country can be found in beautiful Dallas. The Greyhound terminal in Dallas is top notch. It offers a low-cost, high quality hot breakfast, lunch, and supper for weary travelers. The vending machines are pretty good too. Two different snack machines, a Coke machine, and one that has juices. Moreover, it has eight pay phones and it was recently repainted.

The Dallas Greyhound Terminal, located on the corner of Commerce and South Lamar Street, has an art deco façade for you aesthetes out there. The blue, florescent Greyhound sign is beautiful when it’s lit up at night. For you history buffs, the terminal is not far from Dealey Plaza.

Now for those excellent early fares to Dallas. If you are an East Carolina football fan picking up the Greyhound Bus in Greenville, North Carolina, you can be in Dallas to cheer on your Pirates against my Mustangs for a mere $81.00, if you buy the advanced ticket.

You will be leaving Greenville at 11:30 PM on Wednesday night and arriving in Dallas 38 hours and two transfers later. You will be transferring in Raleigh and in Atlanta. You will get to see Vicksburg, Mississippi, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and your fellow Greenville (the one in South Carolina) along the way, but not in that order.

If you are a Tulsa fan, you can get to Dallas for $29.00 advanced fee on the Greyhound Bus for your Halloween day matchup with SMU. It’s a six and a half hour trip with no transfers. You get to see Ardmore, Oklahoma and Denton, Texas among other hotspots. On your way into Ardmore, you will pass by Mercy Hospital. That is where the great Mark Gastineau was born.