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Baseball Bearcats Prepare to Pummel Xavier This Weekend

Hold ‘Em Busher Photo by Buyenlarge/Getty Images

Your Cincinnati Bearcats baseball team has a 4-game weekend set against our mortal crosstown enemies, rogues, and brigands, the Xavier Musketeers.

First pitch this afternoon is at 4 PM at the UC baseball stadium.

Cincinnati enters the game with a 6-7 mark, having eviscerated Western Michigan so badly last weekend that the folks in Kalamazoo want them to leave town.

The Bearcats are busting some bombs so far this year—the good guys have hit 14 home runs in 13 contests.

Handsome freshman outfielder Cole Harting is leading the way for the Bearcats, posting a .344 batting average so far this season.

I expect our boys to upbraid them for 4 straight games, from today through Monday.

Thanks as always for your support for Down the Drive. Nothing but love to our fine readers and supports both in Cincinnati and far away.

As a special treat, I’m going to share my man Tom Willett’s special recipe for grilled cheese: