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No Longer a Nugget, Gary Clark Looks To Future

Denver Nuggets New Player Portraits Photo by Garrett Ellwood/NBAE via Getty Images

Over the weekend, the Denver Nuggets waived Cincinnati Bearcats great Gary Clark.

He had just joined up with the Nuggets two weeks earlier after spending a couple of seasons with the Orlando Magic.

Whether or not Clark, now 26 years old, will continue to find work in the NBA is unclear.

I would think that plenty of teams could use a tough, spry 6’6 wing player with excellent defensive skills and fresh legs. He seems like just the spark a team in playoff contention could use off the bench.

But time will tell. Clark clearly had a future in professional basketball, if that’s what he wants. He could be a star overseas but I think he will continue to get looks in the NBA.

He simply looked too good in last year’s playoffs for the Magic to be done with the NBA at such a young age.

Thanks as always for your support for Down the Drive. We will follow developments in Gary Clark’s career as they emerge.