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Two Years Ago Tomorrow, John Brannen Became Cincinnati’s Basketball Coach

Connecticut v Cincinnati Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

A lot has changed in the course of two calendar years.

Two years ago tomorrow, John Brannen became the Cincinnati Bearcats men’s basketball coach, fresh off a run to the NCAA Tournament by his running-and-gunning Northern Kentucky Norse.

The style of play Brannen favored differed greatly from the grinding style associated with his predecessor, Mick Cronin, who got no end of crap for a coach that won—year in and year out.

Brannen has lost his job under still cloudy circumstances. All that we really know is that the lion’s share of the team has decided to leave and Brannen has been terminated just three weeks later.

A legal battle will almost certainly ensue over the terms of this separation but that will not be the focus here at the Down the Drive.

It will be all boosting the Bearcats, as the readership made clear that’s what they expect out of our site. Support for Cincinnati teams all the way with no negativity.