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Bearcats Fans Bullish on Wes Miller

UNC Greensboro v Miami Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images

Cincinnati Bearcats fans have made their intentions known.

In a completely unscientific poll taken by Down the Drive on Twitter, more than 2/3rds of Cincinnati fans give the hiring of Wes Miller as the Bearcats new head basketball coach an “A” grade.

Miller comes in as a battle-tested coach. He has transformed the University of North Carolina-Greensboro into a consistent and big-time winner in the Southern Conference. It is tough to argue against five consecutive twenty win seasons.

Since Cincinnati’s roster is now completely blown up, Miller has, in essence, a blank slate on which to rebuild the program in his image.

This is quite different from the situation which John Brannen walked into two years ago, where his preferred style of play differed profoundly from that of his predecessor, Mick Cronin.

Looking forward to more thoughts from Bearcats nation on the hire. Feel free to let loose in the comments.