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Josh Harrison Homers for the A’s

Texas Rangers v Oakland Athletics Photo by Ben Green/Getty Images

Cincinnati Bearcats great Josh Harrison seems to be landing well in his latest landing spot.

Harrison went to the Oakland Athletics at the trade deadline as part of a deal with the Washington Nationals.

Harrison had been a shining star on the Nationals, hitting .294 for the season with 6 dingers and 38 runs batted in. Washington was well out of the money for the postseason in 2021 and looked to rebuild by dealing the veteran Harrison.

In his sixth game in the Bay Area, Hamilton demonstrated just how well he is fitting in with the AL West contender with the following blast.

Thanks as always for your support for Down the Drive. Getting back at it later this week with more football previews from our new man Ryan and I.

Looking forward to Josh Harrison being part of a fun pennant run, really enjoying the Big 3 season, and chomping at the bit for football