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James White and Trilogy Hammer Aliens in Big 3 Action

BIG3 - Week Four Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images for BIG3

Cincinnati Bearcats great James White posted 7 points and 5 rebounds in a huge victory for Trilogy over Aliens in Big 3 action on Saturday. White battled on the boards with Aliens’ marquee attraction Greg Oden all afternoon and certainly held his own.

Trilogy’s 50-32 blowout win pumped their record up to 3-1 as we near the midway point in the 3 on 3 basketball season. The defeat dropped Aliens to 0-4 in the standings.

The win helped Trilogy keep pace with the 4-0 Triplets in the league’s standings. At the moment, Trilogy finds itself in a three-way tie for second place with Tri-State and Ghost Ballers.

Cincinnati’s other entry in the Big 3, DerMarr Johnson, contributed 6 points and 6 boards in 3’s Company’s 50-45 defeat to Tri-State.

This is a short week for the Big 3. On Thursday night, the clubs all head to Milwaukee for an evening of action. Check back with Down the Drive for full coverage. Trilogy faces off with the Ball Hogs while 3’s Company takes on the second-place Ghost Ballers.