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Cincinnati Gets Back on Track with Win vs. USF

Houston v Cincinnati Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Your Cincinnati Bearcats got back on track last night. The win in Tampa against a struggling South Florida team demonstrated the Bearcats’ ability to make use of a diverse range of offensive weapons.

Ten different Bearcats scored in the win. The team was led in the 70-59 win by guard David DeJulius, who pumped in 24 points. But a wide range of Bearcats made contributions. Mike Saunders Jr. in particular made a solid contribution off the bench, adding 10 points.

Despite only scoring two points, center Hayden Koval made solid contributions off the bench too, garnering three rebounds and contributing on several defensive stops.

This was a genuine team effort that was not nearly so evident against Houston, who ran the Bearcats out of the building with their own team concept.

Now 16-7 and back on track, Cincinnati returns to action on Saturday night. They are headed to Tulsa for another very winnable league contest which will help put the Bearcats in better position to compete for an NCAA Tournament spot.

Thanks as always for your support for Down the Drive. Ready for the Bearcats to regain the momentum down the stretch.