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Congratulations, Coach.

Cincinnatti v DePaul X

When I think of the Cincinnati Bearcats, the first thing I think of is Bob Huggins patrolling the sidelines.

The first time I ever watched Cincinnati play was during that Final Four run, back in 1992. I envision Huggins, fighting as hard for his team as any coach I can ever remember, working the officials and guiding his team to more success than anyone outside of Clifton imagined.

Yesterday, the word came down that Bob Huggins will be inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

900-odd wins and countless accolades into his career, it was just about time.

Bob Huggins is just about the least pretentious basketball coach imaginable. He is not one for the Wooden-esque or Coach K-style presentation of himself as a budding Aristotle who happens to be a basketball coach.

Huggins is just a ball coach. A guy who helps young men take advantage of the opportunities their athletic skills have afforded them. There are many young men who have been able to get a fine education or earn an excellent living in part due to his efforts. And he clearly cares deeply about the young men he has coached across this country.

Congratulations, Coach.