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Cincinnati Bearcats Versus Connecticut Huskies Time, TV and Radio

Kickoff time, Television and radio information.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Kickoff: Noonish Television: ESPNU Channel: 1303 on Time Warner Cable*

Streaming: WatchESPN app Radio: 700 WLW

*You are on your own with other providers

I don't generally enjoy the games on ESPNU, although I have great memories of dramatic Bearcat wins on the channel, like against Virginia Tech last year. (Go ahead, I'll give you three minutes). But the announcing tandems tend to suck, and boy does it suck for those of us watching on TV. It will be no different this week as Tom Hart and John Congemi will man the booth at Nippert. I would advice anyone watching at home to give the ESPNU crew about a quarter, and then to turn on your radio. It will increase your enjoyment by roughly 1,000 percent.

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