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Staff Picks, Bearcats Host Connecticut On Homecoming

The staff is with you Bearcats.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

RepublicOfCincinnati: Still waiting for the blowout that I've been calling for all season. This will be the game where everything clicks - D continues to dominate, special teams eliminate errors, O operates quickly and efficiently, and stupid turnovers are prevented.

This will be an ugly one and message boards will be complaining that the stadium is empty mid way through the 3rd.

Bearcats - 41
Huskies - 10

Jeff Gentil: UConn stinks. But USF stunk before beating UC. Still can't wrap my head around that one. Anyway, the noon kick blows as all noon kicks do. But it is Homecoming and the Nippert atmosphere hopefully puts the Bearcats over the top. I do expect TJ Weist to have the Huskies much more prepared to play and maybe even play over their heads. I still don't think it will be enough. Bearcats pull away in the end 31-21.


UC 35 Connecticut 13

I'd rather be in the MAC than this reincarnation of the Great Midwest as there is nothing to get excited about playing UAB, Houston, Temple, etc. and it will be tough to sell tickets next year at BCS prices for Great Midwest opponents. The nice thing is it should be easy to win the league every year.

Matt DuMont:
UC is 7-2 all time against UConn. UConn has also never won at Nippert. I'm going to side with history and say the Bearcats get it done. I think they'll be able to force Boyle, the freshman QB for the Huskies, into some mistakes. I'll take a very similar score to last weeks Temple game as UC wins 34-20.

Matt Opper: Cincinnati 28 UConn 17. UConn has, by some measure the best pass defense the Bearcats have seen in 2013. They have the ability to suffocate inaccurate passers on defense. Brendon Kay is leading the conference in completion rate, but he has had games this year where his accuracy escaped him, against Miami for example. As much as I would like to think that the offense has turned the corner and will evolve into the force we all expected, I need to see more.

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