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Cincinnati Bearcats Get Disjointed 34-21 Win Over Memphis

Going on the road is never easy. Going into the Liberty Bowl where Memphis took Central Florida to the wire was always going to be tough. Night game, half full stadium, overachieving opponent. The win is great, but if leaves me wanting more.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Its hard to put a finger on it. This team is clearly capible of more than they have shown to date. They can put together great games and mow teams down from start to finish. But those moments are fleeting. It is far more likely for the Bearcats to muddle through a game giving up as many big plays as they make and squeaking by in the end.

In fact that has become the MO of this team to this point. They aren't a bunch that will come out and gut a team and leave them splayed on the canvas after a quarter. With consistency they could be. The problem, particularly on offense, is that they leave a team plenty of chances to squeak there way in.

This is probably an over reaction, because Memphis does play defense at a very high level. But the tendency to choose to give up the free lunches provided by a defense's alignment. In favor of pounding away on the ground despite the ever diminishing returns on that side of the ball is maddening. But a win is a win I guess.

I think that we officially know that the Bearcats are capible of playing down to the competition, November will tell us if these guys can elevate their game. They have to if they want double digit wins and a shot at the BCS birth, both of which remain long shots for this team unless they can find fifth gear. Muddling around in 3rd will win some games, but not the games left on the schedule.

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