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Down The Drive Staff Pick; South Florida Bulls

No one feels confident about this.

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

Jeff Gentil: I can't in good conscience pick UC in a laugher.  Not after the two very poor road performances thus far.  Hopefully the bye did them some good.  It certainly came at a good time (if there's any good time for a teammate to die).  Until the offense proves it is ready to turn the corner I'm going to keep the score close.  UC wins another unimpressive game 20-10

Matt DuMont: UC has won 6 out of the last 7 against USF. The Cats also lead the all time series 8-3. We also know that USF is as bad as it gets. They have somehow managed to do almost nothing right this season. With all that being said, I expect a close game. It just seems to me that both of these teams know how to play each other regardless of coaching, player changes through the years. The Bearcats also have not looked impressive on the road to date. This is also the first game they will play since Ben Flick died, which I can't even imagine how difficult it's been on the team. I'm gonna go with a 17-7 low scoring Bearcats win.

RepublicOfCincinnati: I think that this is the week that it all comes together. After a week off to reflect on a tragedy, the team will be inspired and will dominate in all aspects.

Bearcats - 31
Bulls - 9

Bearcatlair: UC 42, SF 38, in a video game type of game

Matt Opper: I simply don't trust this team on the road until I have evidence otherwise. South Florida is not a good team, and UC should win. But I don't anticipate the Bearcats putting one on the Bulls. 17-10 UC.

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