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Things That Went Better Than Tonight

Tonight did not go well

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

New Coke

The Partition of India

Caligula (The Person)

Caligula (The Movie)

The Summer of Taylor Kitsch

My career

T.E. Lawrence's last motorcycle ride

Argentina's Invasion of The Falkland Islands

The British Invasion of Afghanistan

Actually, every invasion of Afghanistan ever

That one time when Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp made that one movie that no one saw and everyone made fun of


The Zimbabwean Dollar at a currency exchange

The Galipoli Campaign

Napoleon 's Invasion of Russia

The Ford Pinto

The last three seasons of the one time hit NBC show Hero's

Lindsey Lohan's latest comeback attempt

Living in a village on the north side of Krakatoa on August 26th, 1883

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