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Cincinnati Bearcats Blitz Rutgers 52-17, Move To 8-2

The Bearcats most complete performance in years points to the possibility of the Bearcats picking up wins in Houston and at the Nip against Louisville. This really was a complete performance for the Bearcats, on both sides of the ball.

Rich Schultz

The Bearcats put one of the most creative gameplans since Brian Kelly rolled out the Travis Kelce wildcat way back in 2009. That is really the only parallel for what the Bearcats did tonight. But it wasn't just that the wrinkles worked, its that for the first time Eddie Gran adapted the mentality of the most successful men in his profession.

If you watch Baylor or Oregon (against anyone but Stanford) or Texas Tech they all have something in common. When they find plays that work they will run them back until the defense adjusts to stop them. Outside of two second quarter drives, both three and outs, Gran stayed in Ace until Rutgers began to figure it out. Except they didn't. The end result is the Bearcats first game with 600 yards+ of total offense since November 11th, 2010. A contest that coincidentatlly was also against Rutgers. Stay locked to Down the Drive as there is more to come.

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