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Tar Heels To Watch: Tre Boston

Let's take a look at the talented UNC safety.

Liz Condo-USA TODAY Sports

Does that name sound familiar to you? If so, there is a reason for that. Tre originally committed to the Bearcats out of high school in 2009. Brian Kelly would then accept the Notre Dame job, which would force Boston to change his pledge to North Carolina. Originally a corner, after his sophomore season he was moved to safety. This proved to be the right move. He led the Tar Heels in tackles in 2012 and then again this year in 2013. It's actually amazing how similar the numbers are: 86 tackles in 2012 and 85 tackles in 2013 with 4 interceptions in each season. He was also named 2nd team All-ACC just a couple of weeks ago.

The 6'1 190 lbs safety is a tremendous athlete. He uses his speed and quickness to get to the ball, whether that be in pursuit of a running back with the ball or when the ball is in the air. The one knock on him is that his tackling is inconsistent. A lot of times he will try for the "highlight hit" instead of just wrapping up. This will bode well for the Bearcats if Tre wants to try this with Hosey Williams. Hosey, being the bowling ball that is, has a good chance of winning that battle every time.

Looking at some NFL Draft analysis, it looks like a lot of sites have him in the top 10 for safeties coming out of college this year. The Bearcats have to be aware of where his at all times. He's the kind of defensive back that can completely change a game or disrupt what you want do.