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Tar Heels To Watch: Quinshad Davis

Quinshad Davis came to North Carolina as one of the biggest gems in North Carolina's class of 2012. His skills were apparent enough to draw comparisons to Michael Crabtree as a high school Senior. With two years in the books he is delivering on some of his promise.


Through 12 games as a freshman Davis had more catches and yards than he did this year as a sophomore. But the difference is really negligible. What matters is that he has become far more productive with fewer touches this season. He already has 10 touchdown catches on the year, already double what he had as a freshman.

Davis is the clear number two option for the Tar Heels in the passing game behind Eric Ebron. That makes some sense in terms of the geometry of the passing game. Davis is the field stretcher who does the majority of his work outside the numbers while Ebron works between the hashes where his size and strength make him a match up nightmare.

Davis the kind of receiver that a team has to have to be successful. It is very hard to play effective offense if the defense is not forced to be concerned about the vertical passing game.without that threat the defense can slide their safeties closer and closer to the box with impunity. That matters in the running game, and it matters for Marquise Williams. Davis makes his life easier, when he isn't as effective in a game you can bet that will have a detrimental effect on William's production.