Troy Caupain's Overtime Forcing Layup Was Insane


Seriously, mind bending level of insanity

Octavius Ellis Waiting For His Teammates In The Tunnel After The Game


That's a picture that will stick around for a very long time.

Tweet of the night


A bit self referential, but ask and your prayers will be answered.

Bearcats Beat Purdue 66-65





Troy Caupain's march moment

Sean Kilpatrick signs with Minnesota Timberwolves


Awesome news from Coach Cronin: Sean Kilpatrick has signed with the Minnesota Timberwolves. It is not known how long the contract is for, or how much, but the long wait for SK is finally over. Congrats to him for his hard work.

Phenomenal Article On The Rise Of Quarterback Transfers


What sticks out to me is not so much that this is happening, but the fact that two out of three times the Bearcats have struck gold with their quarterback transfers. Ben Mauk and Gunner Kiel are both indisputable successes, and the miss was Demetrius Jones. Its hard to tell if the Bearcats have been good or lucky on this front, its probably a bit of both.

Mick Still Gonna Mick


Never change coach.

Jeff Luc Draws Interest From The Cincinnati Bengals


The Bengals linebacker coach Matt Burke made the quick trip up Vine to check out Jeff Luc at the Cincinnati Bearcats pro day on Wednesday. What are the chances that Luc will get to stay in town?

UC Stands In an Elite Group


With stats like that, I'm very proud to be a Bearcat! No matter what happens Thursday.