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Cincinnati Bearcats Football Eligibility Chart

Position Incoming Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior Totals
QB Kyle Kempt
Bennie Coney, Trenton Norvell Patrick Coyne Munchie Legaux, Brendon Kay (5)
RB E.J. Junior (G)
Deionte Buckley, Ti'on Green, Rob Rice,
Jameel Poteat,Chris Burrell, Ralph Abernathy IV Anthony King, Aaron Harris
George Winn, Adam Fearing 10(6)
Max Morrison, Shakim Alonzo, Nathan Cole, Jeremy Graves, Chris Moore Dyjuan Lewis, Shaq Washington, Alex Chisum, Jordan Luallen, Anthony McClung Danny Milligan, Bruce Horner, Kenbrell Thompkins, Damon Julian (14)
TE A.J. Branisel
Matt Staubach, DeShawn Dowdy, Josh Russ
Blake Annen Travis Kelce, Demetrius Richardson 6(4)
Deyshawn Bond, Kyle Williamson, Ryan Leahy, Caleb Stacey, Justin Murray, Daniel Murray, Parker Ehinger Eric Lefeld, Cory Keebler, Kevin Schloemer Dan Sprauge, Sean McClellan, Andre Cureton, Austen Bujnoch, Dominic Mainello, Sam Longo Sean Hooey 17(16)
Chad West, Jonathan Burt, Alex Pace, Josh Posley, Silverberry Mouhon, Brandon Mitchell, Chad Hannah Brad Harrah, Camaron Beard, Roney Lozano Jordan Stepp, Walter Stewart, Brandon Mills, Dan Giordano, Adam Dempsey 15(14)
LB Errol Clarke, Corey Griffin, Joey Jones, Ey'Shawn McClain, Frank Bruscianelli, Kevin Hyland Solomon Tentman, Corey Mason, Nick Temple, Innocent Macha, Dwight Jackson, Clemente Casseus Mitch Meador Colin Lozier, Maalik Bomar, Greg Blair 16(12)
DB Zach Edwards (G)
Trenier Orr, Alex Dale, Marcus Foster, Kevin Brown, Drake Bruns, Andre Jones, Dylan Coombs,
Adrian Witty, Demitri Beal, Torrey Nibbs Deven Drane, Arryn Chenault Pat Lambert, Drew Frey, Dominique Battle, Camerron Cheatham, Chris Williams, Aaron Roberson, Malcolm Murray, Reuben Johnson 20(17)
Specialists Kirk Willis, A.J. Fleak, Eric Ernst Tony Miliano, John Lloyd
Pat O'Donnell 6(1)

Some quick notes on this chart

The Basic Rules From the NCAA on roster size is that a program can have at most 105 players and 85 of them on scholarship.

Underlined Players are players that have walked on to the Football team and earned a spot on the roster.

(G) Is a for a player who is grey shirting the 2012 season.

(JC) Junior College player

The Bottom Right Total Only applies to Freshmen through Seniors on the team.

Incoming Is a summation of incoming freshmen who are committed to join the Bearcats in the next year.

Players Who's names are italicized have enrolled early and are already taking classes on campus.