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Video: UC Freshmen Highlights From City Gear Summer Leauge

I had no intention of making this a regularly recurring subject, but hell, if videos keep getting posted...

As always stats in this environment should be taken with a grain of salt the size of the Cullinan Diamond. Still it doesn't take a genius to notice that Deshaun Morman is just a different class of athlete all together. He and Jermain Lawrence are just a class apart athletically. Troy Caupain and Kevin Johnson are great athletes, but J-Law and Morman are on another level. What I am seeing is a guy who can get to the rim, seemingly at will. What's more he can finish with contact. Its hard to overstate just how valuable a skill that is, but the end of the year UC had no one who could do that. Cash's knee robbed him of the explosiveness he once had, SK lost faith in his handle and Parker struggled against the lengthier guys who defended him. Morman might just be the X-factor for this team. Neither Lawrence nor Jamaree Strickland have played since the 22nd of June. Hopefully both are locked in a gym getting bigger/smaller. Only three months until actual basketball activities start.