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Brandon Carswel Staying at USC

Word is going around that Brandon Carswell is staying put at USC. I can not attest to the voracity of the rumors but the smoking gun as it were seems to be this post over at conquest chronicles. Generally speaking those guys are very well informed and stay on top of all things USC related so I assume that it is beyond mere rumor. Honestly I am not surprised he stayed. His potential move to UC seemed a bit odd for a guy who needs to log major minutes right away if he has any intention of playing on Sundays. USC has snaps and catches available for their receivers this fall while UC has one of the best and deepest WR groups in the country. The starting group of DJ Woods, Armon Binns and Vidal Hazelton has been pretty well set in stone since January 2nd and Carswell had little chance to unseat any of them.