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Previewing South Florida - Offense

Skip Holtz is the new man in Tampa. Whatever your feelings about Jim Leavitt I think that we can all agree that he did a damn good job getting this program off the ground and rolling. But for all the good that he did USF never had much in the way of consistency. The way they played one game would almost never be reflected in the way that they played the new game. I thought that Holtz would help to cleanse the Bulls of their schizophrenic nature, six games in its safe to say that there is work to be done on that topic. The area that most clearly demonstrates that issue is on offense, where the Bulls have a player with immense talent who gets in his own way so often.

USF has a lot of issues on offense, bad offensive line play, lack of experienced receivers, A QB with a penchant for making bad decisions. All those things wrapped up have created a perfect storm of shitty offensive play.

I was going to do a whole statistical breakdown of USF because I have not see a lot of them, most of the Florida and West Virginia games and intermittent parts of the Syracuse game. But the statistics are pretty straight forward, bottom half in most offensive categories, except for rushing where they are 4th. The offensive line allows a lot of sacks, at least 4 sacks in each of the last three games, but relatively few tackles for loss. There isn't much more I could get out of looking at the stats. Luckily for me Voodo Five has a handy breakdown of them, uh, breakdowns in the USF offense the past two games, starting with Syracuse. This stuff is better than anything I could manage, so enjoy the quality.

Voodoo Five

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