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Bearcats Add 4th WR Prospect.

Rodriquez Coleman a Receiver/ Defensive Back out of La Salle High School became the 12th member of the 2011 class. Coleman is a nice player, but I am not sure that he is the type of player that UC has to have in this class. I think he is plenty talented and can become a BCS level talent with a few years development. However  UC already has three receivers committed in the class with Shaq Washington, Alex Chisum and Chris Moore. With those three guys, receiver is no longer a position of need, I would understand adding a 4th receiver if it is a must have, can't miss guy, but I wouldn't be comfortable placing him in that category right now. In the article from Bearcat Lair he stated that he would prefer to play offense, but IMO he would struggle to consistently separate from DB's at the BCS level.  He also explained that UC recruited him as an athlete.

Coleman said the Bearcats are recruiting him as an athlete since he plays both receiver and cornerback for the Lancers, but he’d like to play on offense in college.

Because of that I think he will wind up on defense at safety. The 2011 class won't be a full one, there are about 20 scholarships by my count in 2011, so they can't afford to take on insurance prospects at any position, particularly at a position which everyone asserted was closed when Chris Moore pulled the trigger. Safety is a position of need in this class. Some have said that Nick Temple will wind up at safety instead of linebacker, scout even evaluated him as such, but given the way John Jancek built his defense at Georgia by recruiting Safety sized linebackers, and the way Temple himself plays I think it is safe to assume Temple will remain a Linebacker. That leaves no commits at one of the remaining positions of need. Receiver is Coleman's favored position, but I don't think he will play it at UC. I think he will wind up at safety. Here is his Junior highlight tape.

What's your take? Does it make sense for UC to recruit a potential 4th WR in a smaller class? Or do you think Coleman will find his way to defense in Clifton