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October 14th Jump Off

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Keg Of Nails Week

Like your QBs over-easy or scrambling? // Paul Dehner

The Bearcats defensive conerns became abundantly clear following the loss at Tennessee. This team needs to rush the quarterback. It needs to do so now. For the next three weeks, the defensive line and linebackers spent their time playing capture the flag. Full-speed ahead, eyes centered on the object stationed in the middle of the pocket.

UC is going to be facing a true dual threat for the first time this year. Luckily the Bearcats already have a response installed and ready to go.

10 Most Memorable Keg of Nails Games // Bearcats Blog

UC could take to the air vs. Cardinals //

UC has been almost perfectly balanced between the run and the pass, averaging 220.8 yards on the ground and 219.2 through the air. For an offensive coordinator, that’s the stuff of dreams.

Oddly enough that kind of balance was a calling card of a certain ex Card who terrorized UC for years

Louisville football assistant Shawn Watson learns as he goes // The Courier-Journal

Ode to the Keg of Nails // Card Chronicle

You may have noticed this week that the hair on your chest was a bit thicker, that your voice was a bit deeper and more intimidating, and that your 15-inch pythons have miraculously been upgraded to 16s. The reason, of course, is that we're a mere 48 hours away from the manliest of manly days in the Derby City, the day the Keg of Nails comes out of hiding and makes all other rivalry trophies shit their plaques.

No finer sentence has ever been uttered in the history of utterances


Orlando Edgewater WR Alton 'Pig' Howard has Tennessee as his leader // Orlando Sentinel
Bringing Pig to Porkopolis was always going to be a struggle for UC, it has gotten even harder but...

Huge Recruiting Opportunity this Weekend for the Bearcats // Bearcats Nation
Pig is coming to Porkopolis this weekend


Former basketball star Mike Williams begins walking again after being paralyzed by a bullet // ESPN The Magazine
A national story with a UC twist

Preseason Top 25 (and one): From the original guy (and one) // CBS

Cincinnati 16: Top returnees: Yancy Gates, Dion Dixon, Sean Kilpatrick, Cashmere Wright. Top newcomer: Jermaine Sanders. Outlook: Mick Cronin loses a couple starters from last year's NCAA tournament team, but he brings back his top four scorers: Gates, Dixon, Kilpatrick and Wright. The Bearcats also add a couple of talented freshman in Sanders, so expectations are high.

Eggs 14, Pitt 10, UofL 8, Cuse 4, UConn 3

Dick Vitale's Preseason Top 40 // ESPN

21. Cincinnati: Yancy Gates will be a major factor up front as the Bearcats will make lots of noise.

Marquette 18, Eggs 14, Pitt 11, UofL 9, Cuse 5, UConn 3. All which brings me to this...

New era for UC basketball // UC Athletics Blog
The obvious buzzword for the Basketball team is expectations

Other Bearcat News

UC Women's Soccer Hosts Seton Hall, Rutgers This Weekend //

Bearcat Swimmers Set For Pentathlon And Alumni Meet Friday //

Eric Finan (My Interview with a UC Bearcat Athlete) // YouTube
Mary Wineberg is angling to to be the female Lewis Johnson

Bearcats Face Toughest Test Yet at Pre-Nationals //
It's a heavy Eric Finan kind of day


Big 12 Conference is the best bet for Louisville // The Courier-Journal
Of course the Big 12 is the best bet for everyone in the Big East. But not everyone is going to get the chance

AP Source: Big East, Boise must be persuaded //
And John Marinatto is just the man for the job

And in the same vein

College football financial listing reveals winners, losers // Indianapolis Business Journal
its certainly interesting to look at, and to be honest I figured UC would be lower

Nationally Regarded

Occupy Herbstreit
This is amazing

Reading This Will Make You Smarter

Children in the Roman Empire // TLS
If you have any interest at all in Ancient Rome read this. If not I can do nothing for you