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West Virginia 24 Cincinnati Bearcats 21 | Boxscorin


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In a game that had more than its fair share of flat out weird and fluky plays there was no shortage of weird and fluky statistical outcomes. Several players, on both sides of the ball, produced stellar individual performances. But in the end this game came down to special teams. One week after UC won a game on the strength of the kicking game they fell short..


  • Starting with the obvious Munchie Legaux started slow. Very slow. For Munchie's first five possessions as QB (end of the 2nd quarter, 1st drive of the 3rd) he was 3 of 8 for 6 yards and 1 INT. In the next six drives Munchie was 7 of 13 for 138 yards. It's because of that performance down the stretch that I have confidence in this team going forward.
  • Isaiah Pead plays biggest in the biggest games. It's that clear. 24 touches, 180 total yards and two TD's. He is the other reason that I am confident going forward
  • This is a game where the offensive line had OK stats, just two sacks allowed, 201 pre sack yards rushing and a 6.4 YPC (again with sacks taken out). But the line as a whole struggled. Munchie and Pead made them look better than they were. And it was the Seniors who really struggled. Alex Hoffman couldn't stay in front of Bruce Irvin, Eric Lefeld played better.

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Let's start with the targeting data

Player Targets Catches Yards Catch Percent
Kenbrell Thompkins 10 5 67 50
Anthony McClung 9 2 20 22
Isaiah Pead 6 5 67 83
D.J. Woods 3 2 15 67
Adrien Robinson 1 1 17 100
Alex Chisum 1 1 15 100
Travis Kelce
1 1 3 100
  • The key thing to note here is just how effective Isaiah Pead can be in the passing game. It isn't a game in game out thing, but when he is on he is a major problem for defenses
  • Kenbrell Thompkins is pretty much the unassailable #1 at this point. He has been the most targeted Bearcat in 3 of the last 4 games
  • I don't think Travis Kelce and Adrien Robinson got involved enough. Part of that is on Munchie facing fire for the first time in his career.
  • DJ has effectively fallen off the face of the earth/


  • The secondary was torched for 372 yards, 1 TD, 67 per cent completion. But they played well under the circumstances
  • The circumstances being that UC plays defense one way and one way only. They are going to attack the offense believing that they can get to the QB before the QB can get to the secondary. It should be noted that the plan worked to perfection. UC gave up a ton of yards, but only 17 points to the most potent offense in the conference. I could give a shit about yards, points matter
  • The defensive line dominated. They were faster, more physical and put on a terrific display of baddassery. 5 sacks, 13 TFL's, and a pair of QB hurries.
  • Walter Stewart is starting to put it all together. He was a terror with 5 tackles, 2.5 sacks, 1 forced fumble, 1 fumble recovery and a hurry for good measure.
  • John Hughes had his best game as a Bearcat. 5 tackles, 2 sacks, and 1 pass breakup.
  • Ditto Jordan Stepp. 6 tackles and a TFL is kinda good for a backup DT.
  • Maalik Bomar was injured early and it was Dwight Jackson who took his place in the Bearcats nickle as a LB. 4 tackles, .5 TFL and the crucial forced fumble.

Special Teams

This is really simple. Pat O'Donnell good, everyone else bad.

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