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November 9th Jump Off

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West Virginia Week

No. 23 Cincinnati's defense behind team turnaround  // Charleston Daily Mail

"I think that's a great way to phrase it: Growing up,'' quarterback Zach Collaros said Tuesday. "I think they're older, more mature. I don't think they get as down on themselves as maybe in the past. When we as an offense put them in a bad situation, they embrace that and they want to get out of that.''

Quotes from Coach: WVU Needs Attitude Adjustment // WVU Mountaineer Sports

"It takes a whole bunch of people that are in it for the same reasons and want nothing else but for everybody else to be successful," says Holgorsen. "We may go to Cincinnati with 55 guys, I don't know. But 55 guys are going that are going to want to play together, that are going to want to win the game together."

Dana Holgorsen wants more effort // Big East Blog // ESPN

Third and long tough situation for WVU // Charleston Daily Mail

Second down comes after first down in college football, but it should take a back seat to no other down. Sure, first down matters. It sets the rest of the sequence in motion. Third down is where games are won and lost. Fourth down is compelling, sometimes for drama, other times for desperation. Second down is the fun one. It's when offenses, even the most imaginative ones, dare to dream. Throw it deep when going by the book says it's time to run. Run a draw when you make the defense think you'll push a pass vertically.

Click the link for the end to this riveting tale

A Unit-By-Unit Look At WVU's Devastating Loss To The Cardinals // The Smoking Musket

Defense: D The lack of effort and emotion makes me think there are problems in the locker-room. Is there a contentious relationship between the offensive and defensive staffs or is there something else going on? Whatever it is, we could be looking at two more losses if it doesn't get fixed. The visible problems is that we lack girth up front to allow our linebackers to fill the gaps and we lack experience at all other positions. The problems we can't see could be a lack of conditioning or contention in the locker room.

10 Reasons Why You Should Be at Paul Brown Stadium this Saturday // Bearcats Nation

This defense, especially the defensive line, is playing with a lot of confidence and swarms to the ball carrier. They play angry and don’t care if they get flagged for tearing opposing players’ limbs off. There’s no better way to get jacked up than watching Derek Wolfe, J.K. Schaffer, and company obliterating a helpless quarterback.

Head Coach Butch Jones Press Luncheon Quotes //
On overcoming adversity with slow starts in games: "I think what it has shown in the last couple weeks, it has shown the character of our football team. When we talk about a thing called ‘championship character’ and our kids just play. We are playing with great confidence right now but you’re right, we can’t continually put ourselves in holes and get off to slow starts. I am going to go back to what I said last week, is that we are also playing some pretty darn good football teams. I think sometimes people think you just roll the balls out and you have success. They’re on scholarship too. Their coaches get paid and they’re good football teams so they are going to have some success. So I think we have played some very good football teams that have had a hand in that and the thing we just have to continue to do is we can’t be a team that turns the football over and for the most part we have been able to overcome our adversities. So far to this point in time, we haven’t been a team that hurt ourselves with untimely penalties and being a disciplined football team is critical and it is going to be extremely critical down the stretch here."

Butch Jones Press Conference //

Tuesday Lunch: Quarterback Conversation Edition // Paul Dehner
Revisiting the Geno Smith Zach Collaros debate

A One Game Schedule // Wayne Miller

Jones: ‘Great weekend for Cincinnati’ // UC Athletics Blog

"It’s great for the city of Cincinnati," Jones said. "We pride ourselves on being a football community. To have the Bearcats doing well and the Bengals, that’s great. Both organizations have a tremendous amount of respect for each other. Both are pulling for each other. To me, that’s what separates our city. That’s what makes our city unique. That’s what makes our city special and our fans can’t take that for granted…You won’t find a bigger Bengals fan than me standing here.


UC 66, NKU 54 – final // UC Athletics Blog

Sophomore forward Justin Jackson produced a double-double with 24 points and 13 rebounds to lead the University of Cincinnati to a 66-54 exhibition victory over Division II Northern Kentucky on Tuesday night before 5,329 fans at Fifth Third Arena.

From the twitter buzz Jackson flashed a much more advanced offensive game compared to last season.

Ranking the Big East: Centers // Bearcats Blog
Not a lot of Centers in the Big East

Top 10 centers: Sullinger brings power to the post // Sporting News

8. Yancy Gates, senior, Cincinnati The traditional defensive center blocks shots, but Gates can dominate simply by controlling access to the lane. If he ever combined his physical gifts with a hunger to score, he’d become genuinely great.

Bit weird, I guess Yancy could be a center

Other Bearcat News


Nationally Recognized

Is Big Ten Network avoiding Penn State sex scandal? // USA Today

The TV network that seems to be tiptoeing around the scandal, so far, is the one billing itself as the "ultimate destination" for Big Ten Conference fans and alumni. Namely, the Big Ten Network (BTN). The Big Ten Conference's 24/7 TV channel has limited its coverage to brief news summaries and the written statements of Paterno. There's been no coverage of the young boys allegedly victimized, no debates about what should happen next, no analysis of the impact on PSU and the surrounding community.

I can't begin to say I am surprised

Reading This Will Make You Smarter

What Ancient Rome Could Teach About the Euro's Flaws // The Daily Beast

Europe enjoyed a common currency regime 2,000 years ago. Back then, as today, there was no single common language, rather limited workforce mobility, and quite an active trade network. The Roman Empire brought relative internal peace to a wide area never to be united again. And it brought the sestertius—or, to be more accurate, a coinage of gold, silver, and bronze of which the bronze sestertius became the most commonly spread denomination. It certainly lacked a central bank, but it lasted for many centuries.