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Bearcat Football Senior Week | 37 J.K. Schaffer

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J.K. Schaffer is a bit of a metaphor for this era of the UC Football Program. He is a local kid not terribly in demand with the scouts. Bestowed just two stars by the recruiting services. Not all that big, not all that fast, but still he is an has over achieved. Not many people would have expected him to blossom into one of the true playing making forces at linebacker in the Big East. He is well on his way to posting three consecutive 100 tackles seasons and is a lock to be named First Team All Big East. I have always enjoyed watching JK because he is my kind of Football player. The who maximizes his inherent potential by playing the game smart and with aggression. Playing smart and with aggression pretty well personifies the way UC has approached the game. Other guys might have more talent true, but no one plays harder than J.K.

Highlights ahoy

And of course the Least Graceful Interception Ever

How about a TD for good measure