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Arkansas-Pine Bluff Golden Lions Basketball | The Least You Should Know

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Starting with the obvious. Arkansas Pine Bluff is not a very good team. And they are not a very good team in the way that most teams that travel 631 miles to play a early Wendsday game against a big 6 conference opponent aren't very good. They have little in the way of size or athleticism. They probably won't play with any real intention of winning the game. The Golden Lions are just 1-8 on the year and have lost games by an 19 points per game. The lone win this year came against the Fighting Isaiah Thomas's of Florida International. They aren't a good team, and this should be an easy win for UC, even in a depleated state with two posts who play like it is their lifes mission to foul out of games.

The Golden Lions are in the midst of a 6 game losing streak. As you would expect the losing has led to some fairly drastic swings in terms of a starting lineup. Seven different Golden Lions have started games this year, but only two of them have started all 9 games Savalance Townsend and Daniel Broughton.

Of the two Townsend, a 6'3" Senior guard is the best player. Townsend is simply the best player on the team period. Check out the Golden Lions impact chart.

The man baiscally does everything for that team. No one else even comes close to matching his impact on the team. Usually when I do these things I try to single out the best two players for the opposition. Its hard to do with the Golden Lions. If you put a gun to my head I guess I would say that its the spectacularly named Lazabian Jackson for the simple reason that he is the best 3 point shooter on the team, and he's not really that good.

Defensively they aren't good. Teams that lose 8 of their first 9 aren't usually good defensively. I can probably stop here. Barring a complete and utter collapse UC should roll rather easily. If not the good vibes of the last two weeks might turn out to be little more than the mass hysteria common on the heels of traumatic events